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  • Chartered Institute of Linguists’ Appeal to Prime Minister

    Ahead of today’s first House of Lords debate on the Brexit Bill, the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) appealed to the Prime Minister to put an immediate end to the uncertain status of 3.3 million EU citizens living and working in the UK. The government has stated that it would like to... read more

  • 2017 Sylvia Naish Lecture Competition Winner Announced

    The 2017 Sylvia Naish Lecture is to be given by Stephan Ehrig, who will be speaking on Adolf Dresen's Kleist-Projekt at the Deutsches Theater, Berlin. Ehrig studied at the Universities of Leipzig and Provence and is currently completing his PhD at the University of Bristol.  Heinrich von... read more

  • ‘Ich bin ein Migrant’ – Meet our Star Student Writers and Authors

    Award-winning authors, Anja Tuckermann (Berlin) and Ulrike Ulrich (Zurich), will take part in the celebration on 1 March 2017 for the winners of this year’s German writing competition. Submissions for the 3rd annual writing challenge for learners and lovers of German, organised by the IMLR... read more

  • Cross-Language Dynamics Project Opportunities at the IMLR

    In connection with the OWRI AHRC-funded interdisciplinary project, the IMLR is now offering Visiting Fellowships in the field of languages and communities, as well as a Doctoral Studentship in the Culture of Latin American communities in the UK. The research will feed into the ‘Cross-... read more

  • Award of Bithell Prizes

    The Bithell Prizes for 2016 have been awarded to Alyson Richens and Stephanie Homer. The Alice Emily Bithell Prize, for the best performance in the modern literature papers of the University of London's BA examination, was awarded to Alyson Richens, who completed a BA Honours degree... read more