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  • 2017-18 Annual Visiting Fellowships Competition Now Open

    The IMLR's annual Fellowships competition offers opportunities for visiting scholars, with or without funding, to conduct research into any field relevant to the work of the Institute. Up to fifteen Visiting Fellowships/Scholarships are available for 2017-18 on a non-stipendiary basis, tenable... read more

  • 'Writing and the West German Protest Movements' Now Available

    The latest volume in the Institute's 'imlr books' series is now available.  The 1960s protest movements marked an astonishing moment for West Germany. They developed a political critique, but are above all distinctive for their emphasis on culture and the symbolic. Reading and... read more

  • New Title in Bithell Series of Dissertations Available

    Volume 45 in the Institute's 'Bithell Series of Dissertations' is now available.  13th-century author Konrad von Würzburg has long been recognised as an exceptionally self-conscious poet, who frequently reflects on the nature, status and function of poetry, and who at times... read more

  • 'Nina Bouraoui, Autofiction and the Search for Selfhood' Published

    The motif of the ‘identity quest’ features strongly in much contemporary French women’s writing, but nowhere more so than in the work of French-Algerian author Nina Bouraoui. Author of numerous books since 1991 and winner of the 2005 Prix Renaudot, Bouraoui persistently explores... read more

  • First Luisa Selis Fellowship Winner

    We are delighted to announce that Sonita Sarker has been awarded the first Luisa Selis Fellowship. Funded by the Fondazione di Sardegna in memory of anthropologist Luisa Selis, who specialised in the cultural memory of Sardinia, this new Fellowship enables researchers in this field (ethnography,... read more