Archive Collections

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Archive of the Anglo-Austrian Society [AAS]

Berthold Auerbach Collection and Archive of Germanic Drama [BAA]

Mary Beare Papers [MBE]

Jethro Bithell Papers [JBI]

Karl H. Breul Papers [KHB]

E.M. Butler Papers [EMB]

August Closs Papers [Closs/ACL]

Elizabeth Closs-Traugott Papers [Closs/ECT]

Hannah Closs Papers [Closs/HCL]

Archive of the English Goethe Society [EGS]

Exile Archive [EXS]

Leonard W. Forster Papers [LWF]

H.F. Garten Papers [HFG]

History and Development of German Studies [HGS]

Friedrich Gundolf Archive (Printed Catalogues only) [FGU]

Sylvia Harris Papers [SHA]

Ida Herz Papers [Herz]

Archives of the Institute of Germanic Studies [IGS]

James Blair Leishman Correspondence and Diaries [JBL]

Herbert Löwit Papers [HL]

Rudolf Majut Papers [RMA]

Martin Miller and Hannah Norbert-Miller Archive [Miller]

Margaret Mynatt / Yvonne Kapp Papers [MYK]

Robert Priebsch Papers [Closs/RPR]

William Rose Papers [WRO]

J.P. Stern Papers [JPS]

Herbert Thoma Papers [HTH]

Gilbert Waterhouse Papers [GWA]

Marianne Wynn Papers [MW]

Not included above are collections which have so far only undergone initial sorting and listing. Among these are the:

  • Papers of Dr P.V. Brady
  • Norman McCann Collection (German and Austrian theatre programmes), and the
  • Papers of Professor L.A. Willoughby and Professor E.M. Wilkinson