BML Events


5 March 2020
Roberto Filippi will give a talk titled: ‘The effects of early multilanguage acquisition on cognitive development’ at the Casa Montessori Richmond, Bilingual Nursery and Preschool

15 March 2020
Roberto Filippi is giving a talk titled: ‘It’s never too late: The science behind multilanguage acquisition across the lifespan’ at FOCUS 

26-27 March 2020
Li Wei will be presenting a paper at the Learned Society of Wales’ language symposium, 'Through the language prism', at the Temple of Peace, Cardiff. The paper will be on the theme of ‘Language and thought: Exploring ideas about language and its impact on identity and belonging’.

12 June 2020
Roberto Filippi is organising a one-day workshop titled: ‘Multilinguistic diversity: Impact for education, health and society’, venue tbc. Antonella Sorace will be presenting a paper.


14 January 2020
Roberto Filippi delivers a lecture at the EIFA International School, London, exploring some of the most exciting scientific findings in multi-language acquisition          

15-17 November 2019               
Bilingualism Matters at the Language Show, Olympia, for information on the Bilingualism Matters international network and on the latest research on bilingualism & language learning

1 November 2019        
Bilingualism Matters London Launch Event at the University of London, with Antonella Sorace (Edinburgh), Roberto Filippi (UCL), Petros Karatsareas (Westminster), Li Wei (UCL)  and Catherine Davies (IMLR, London)