Victoria & Albert 200 Competition Winners

Monday 1 July 2019
The winners of the 6th DAAD-IMLR German writing competition were celebrated at an event on 28 June held at the German Embassy. Marking the 200th birthdays of both Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert, competitors had been asked to put themselves in the shoes of Victoria or Albert (or both) and create a letter or exchange of letters between the couple, whose love affair became legendary. Competitors were free to choose their own medium: a poem, letter, rap song, play or whatever else came to mind.

German Author Fontane’s 200th Birthday Celebrated

Wednesday 26 June 2019
Today sees the publication of Wandern und Plaudern mit Fontane. Literarische Begegnungen mit der Mark-Brandenburg heute [Walking and Conversing with Fontane. Literary Encounters with the Brandenburg Region Today], a volume of specially commissioned texts by contemporary authors creatively engaging with Fontane’s Wanderungen durch die Mark Brandenburg (1862).

Memory and Postcolonial Studies Now Available

Thursday 30 May 2019
In the postcolonial reassessment of history, the themes of colonialism, decolonisation and individual and collective memory have always been intertwined, but only recently has the transcultural turn in memory studies enabled proper dialogue between memory studies and postcolonial studies.

2019 Robson-Scott Travelling Scholarship Winner

Friday 17 May 2019
This year’s winner of the Institute’s William Robson-Scott Travelling Scholarship is Mario Maritans. A doctoral student at University College London, Mario holds a BA in Anthropology and Sociology and an MA in Classics from Durham University, as well as an MPhil in Medieval History from Cambridge. Mario’s doctoral project is on supranationalism and regionalism in Habsburg Trieste and Fiume/Rijeka from 1848 to 1867. This award will support his journey to Trieste where he will pursue his research in the public archives and at the Biblioteca Civica Attilio Hortis.

Literature under Constraint Publication

Thursday 16 May 2019
The current issue of the journal French Cultural Studies is a special issue entitled Mediating Literature , guest edited by Dominic Glynn and Sébastien Lemerle. The special issue is a publication output of the AHRC research network 'Literature under Constraint', which was led from the IMLR between 2017 and 2019. The special issue features contributions from specialists in French studies from Gisèle Sapiro (EHESS), Erika Fülöp (Lancaster), Claire Ducournau (Montpellier), Subha Xavier (Emory) and Alain Farah (McGill).

Applied Arts in British Exile from 1933

Wednesday 8 May 2019
The investigation which began with Arts in Exile in Britain 1933-45 (2004) is continued in the latest volume of the Yearbook of the Research Centre for German and Austrian Studies .

CCWW Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Monday 29 April 2019
The Centre for the Study of Contemporary Women’s Writing (CCWW) celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2019 with a series of events that showcase the variety of its work. 

University of London Position on the Senate House Boycott

Friday 12 April 2019
The University of London has today issued the following statement regarding the ongoing campaign for a boycott of events at Senate House in support of outsourced workers.  'The University believes this call is illogical. The suggestion that these workers are exploited is simply wrong. None are precarious workers, many have worked on our premises for many years and, since 2012, all receive at least the London Living Wage. 

Towards a new Strategy for Language Maintenance

Wednesday 27 March 2019
A conference entitled 'Non-Standard And Minority Varieties as Community Languages in the UK: Towards a new Strategy for Language Maintenance' at the University of Westminster aims to design a new strategy for the maintenance of the UK’s community languages.