2018 Luisa Selis Fellowship Winner Announced

Thursday 4 May 2017

Gianmarco Mancosu has been awarded the 2018 Luisa Selis Fellowship.

Funded by the Fondazione di Sardegna in memory of anthropologist Luisa Selis, who specialised in the cultural memory of Sardinia, the Fellowship, established last year, enables researchers in this field (ethnography, anthropology and/or literature for example) to conduct research at the Centre for the Study of Cultural Memory at the Institute of Modern Languages Research and the Istituto Italiano di Cultura Londra (IIC).

Gianmarco Mancosu studied at the University of Cagliari’s Faculty of Political Science, from which he holds a doctorate for his dissertation entitled 'La Luce per l’impero. I cinegiornali sull’Africa Orientale Italiana (1935-1941)’. He is currently completing research at the University of Warwick into how visual products about Italian decolonisation have contributed in re-imagining national identity after WWII. During his tenure of the Luisa Selis Fellowship, he will be researching transinsular memory and belonging in Sardinian communities outside the island.