Award of Bithell Prizes

Thursday 26 January 2017

The Bithell Prizes for 2016 have been awarded to Alyson Richens and Stephanie Homer.

The Alice Emily Bithell Prize, for the best performance in the modern literature papers of the University of London's BA examination, was awarded to Alyson Richens, who completed a BA Honours degree at King’s College London, and achieved grades of over 80 in all her final-year literature papers. Currently on the MSt course at the University of Oxford, Alyson is expected to return to King’s in the autumn to embark on PhD research.

The Jethro Bithell Prize, awarded for the best performance in a University of London MA/MRes with a minimum German component of 50%, was awarded to Stephanie Homer, a student on the IMLR’s MRes in Modern Languages, for her dissertation on the gendered concept of Heimat in the autobiographical fiction of Hilde Spiel, Elisabeth Castonier and Judith Kerr. Stephanie has continued to PhD research on the Kindertransport at the Institute.

First awarded in 1977, the Jethro Bithell and Alice Emily Bithell Prizes were established in memory of Dr Jethro Bithell, Reader in German and Head of Department at Birkbeck College, and his wife, Dr Alice Emily Bithell, both of whom were generous benefactors of the Institute of Germanic Studies, forerunner of the IMLR.