Overwhelming Response to Translation Competition

Monday 23 November 2015

The response to the second online writing competition for learners of German, co-organised by the IMLR and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), has been overwhelming. Learners at all levels (school, university students, and the general public) were asked to translate a passage from Annett Gröschner's (as yet untranslated) novel Walpurgistag (Witches' Sabbath). Of the 205 valid entries received, those of school students made up one-third, easily outnumbering the other categories.

In view of the considerable difficulty of the German text, the quality of the entries was particularly impressive. As Liz Black and René Koglbauer, judges of the Schools panel, commented: ‘The high standard of submissions shows that working with literature at secondary school level is a welcome challenge. It shows once again that high expectations lead to success, motivation and creativity.’

The winners will be celebrated at a prize-giving at the IMLR on 10 December, at which author Annett Groeschner and her translator, Katy Derbyshire, will be present.