'Pacifist and Anti-Militarist Writing in German, 1889-1928'

Wednesday 13 February 2019

Pacifist Writing Front CoverPacifist and Anti-Militarist Writing in German, 1889-1928 has been published. Edited by Andreas Kramer (Goldsmiths, University of London) and Ritchie Robertson (University of Oxford), the volume explores opposition to war and militarism among a range of German-language authors in a period roughly defined by two international bestsellers: Suttner’s Die Waffen nieder! (1889) and Remarque’s Im Westen nichts Neues (1928). Major figures (Kraus, Schnitzler, Zweig) have not lacked attention, but some of the authors discussed here (Andreas Latzko, Hans Chlumberg) are still far from being household names. These essays remind us that the period's opposition to war and militarism manifested itself in a wide range of literary forms and publications, providing a difference emphasis from previous volumes exploring connections between German-language literature and pacifism. 

The volume has its origins in the conference organised at the IMLR in 2016, and is a joint publication by the IMLR and Iudicium Verlag, Munich.

Pacifist and Anti-Militarist Writing in German, 1889-1928. From Bertha von Suttner to Erich Maria Remarque
eds. Andreas Kramer and Ritchie Robertson
London German Studies XVI | ISBN 9780854572687 | 307pp