Staging Canada at Expo67

Wednesday 8 November 2017

Staging Canada celebrated the 50th anniversary of the most successful world’s fair of the 20th century with a 4-day event across London featuring films, live performance, and the latest research on Expo, Montreal, Quebec and Canada during that magical year of 1967. Highlights included the UK premiere of the ‘documentary-thriller’, Expo67: Mission Impossible, with director Guylaine Maroist, screenings of classic Québec films from the late 1960s, live music from 1967 by Jessica Pruneau and Ron Leary, an international academic symposium on Expo67and world exhibitions, a newly commissioned performance of the forgotten multi-media masterpiece, Miracles of Modern Medicine, originally produced for Expo’s ‘Meditheatre’, and attended by its octogenarian director Robert Cordier; and a gala dinner at Senate House attended by the new Agent General of Quebec John Anthony Coleman. The event concluded with a special programme of innovative Expo films, most never before shown in the UK, at the BFI Southbank. All four days were extremely well attended and feedback, from delegates and others, was excellent.

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