'Strange Adventures: Women’s Individuation in the Works of Pierrette Fleutiaux' Now Available

Saturday 14 May 2016

Sercombe CoverStrange Adventures: Women’s Individuation in the Works of Pierrette Fleutiaux by Elizabeth A. Sercombe examines portrayals of womanhood in the works of prize-winning French author Pierrette Fleutiaux.

Fleutiaux’s refreshing pictures of womanhood offer insights into how women can become more whole, substantial and free in themselves and in their relationships, as well as how they can contribute to the external world through their creativity and leadership. The study demonstrates how Fleutiaux’s heroines navigate the external, bodily and inner situations of adolescence, early adult life, marriage, motherhood, maturity, leadership and death, in the process developing greater inner resources of wisdom, compassion and resilience. It considers selections from Fleutiaux’s œuvre, from her first work of short fiction, Histoire de la chauve-souris, to the recent Loli le temps venu, including Métamorphoses de la reine (Goncourt de la nouvelle) and Nous sommes éternels (Prix Femina). Using a theoretical framework which draws on Jungian concepts and the philosophy of Simone de Beauvoir, the study analyses women’s individuation trajectories at each stage of life. Throughout, Fleutiaux’s depictions are shown to pose a challenge to existing conceptions of womanhood and individuality, thus opening up new understandings of what it means to be a woman, and to be human.

Strange Adventures is the fourth volume to appear in the series 'Studies in Contemporary Women's Writing', published by Peter Lang in association with the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Women's Writing.