Tale of Two Centuries of German Studies in the University of London Available

Monday 3 April 2017

Glanz und Abglanz CoverIn 1943, in the midst of a London still reeling from the Blitz, initial plans were laid for an Institute devoted to rebuilding relations between English and German scholars and academics once hostilities had ceased. Established in 1950, the Institute served for more than half a century as a research centre and focal point for researchers the world over. However, German Studies in London has a much older tradition which goes back almost two centuries.

Glanz und Abglanz tells the fascinating tale of German Studies in London from its beginnings at the ‘godless institution of Gower Street’, and the remarkable personalities whose energy and commitment ensured that the discipline flourished. The story is told through two essays: ‘Taught by Giants’ outlining the history of the subject in London from 1826, and ‘“Sehr schön, Piglet?” “Ja, Pooh.”’ following the development of the Institute of Germanic Languages and Literatures and showcasing its remarkable library. The volume is rounded off with an account of the magnificent collection of rare books assembled by two of the personalities, Robert Priebsch (1866–1935) and August Closs (1898–1990).

Glanz und Abglanz. Two Centuries of German Studies in the University of London 
by John L. Flood and Anne Simon is available from the University of London online shop.