'Voicing Voluntary Childlessness: Narratives of Non-Mothering' Published

Saturday 14 May 2016

The third volume in the 'Studies in Contemporary Women's Writing' series, Narratives of Non-Mothering in French by Natalie Edwards, is now available.

The decision to reject motherhood is the subject of several key works of literature in French published since the millennium. This book looks at first-person accounts of voluntary childlessness by women writing in French, and explores how women narrate their decision Edwards Vol Covernot to mother, the issues they face in so doing and the narrative techniques they employ to justify their stories. It asks how these authors challenge stereotypes of the childless woman by claiming their own identity in narrative, publicly proclaiming their right to choose, and writing a femininity that is not connected to motherhood.

Using feminist, sociological and psychoanalytic theories to interrogate non-mothering, this work is the first book-length study of narratives that counter this long-standing taboo. It brings together authors who stake out a new terrain, creating a textual space in which to take ownership of their childlessness and call for new understandings of female identity beyond maternity.

The series is published by Peter Lang in association with the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Women's Writing.