'Writing and the West German Protest Movements' Now Available

Monday 23 January 2017

The latest volume in the Institute's 'imlr books' series is now available. Puw Davies vol Front Cover

The 1960s protest movements marked an astonishing moment for West Germany. They developed a political critique, but are above all distinctive for their emphasis on culture and the symbolic. Reading and writing had unique prestige for protesters, who produced an extraordinary textual culture, by turns witty, provocative, reflective and offensive. The avant-garde roots of anti-authoritarianism are as palpable within it as a debt to high literature, but its sometimes anti-literary tone results in it often being overlooked in traditional criticism. An anti-authoritarian poetics is outlined through close readings of emblematic texts, some forgotten, others better known. Embedded in historical, cultural, political and aesthetic contexts, representative moments and preoccupations in protest writing are illuminated and latent content uncovered, revealing often hidden tensions and contradictions, above all in relation to the German past and questions of authority.

About the author: Mererid Puw Davies is Senior Lecturer in German at University College London. She is the author of The Tale of Bluebeard in German Literature from the Eighteenth Century to the Present (2001) and co-editor of Autobiography by Women in German (2000). She has published widely on modern German literature, film and cultural studies, and has long-standing interests in Welsh literature and literary translation. 

Writing and the West German Protest Movements. The Textual Revolution is available from the Institute or the University of London online shop.

ISBN 978 0 85457 251-9 • 294 pp • 2016

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