Fascinating Insight into Forgotten German-Jewish Women Authors

Tuesday 19 April 2016
By 1900, Berlin could lay claim to becoming the metropolis of the new century, the very exemplar of urban modernity. The sheer speed of the physical and social transformation of the capital city of unified Germany was spectacular. Godela Weiss-Sussex 's study explores the intersection of two key discourses of secular modernity, women's emancipation and Jewish emancipation. Berlin was the cultural arena where conflict between modernisation and reaction was played out most sharply, and was the scene too of lived tensions between progressive hopes and regret for lost beliefs.

Institute Contributes to Major New Project

Wednesday 23 March 2016
The IMLR is to play a central role in a new £3.9 million research project investigating the impact of modern languages learning on contemporary issues such as social cohesion, migration, business and diplomacy. Entitled ‘Cross-language dynamics: reshaping community’, it is one of four interdisciplinary projects to be given funding under the multi-million pound Arts & Humanities Research Council ’s Open World Research Initiative ( OWRI ).

Giorgio Pressburger Discusses Latest Publication with Katia Pizzi

Monday 21 March 2016
I racconti triestini , published in October 2015 by Marsilio Editore in Venice, was among the topics discussed by Giorgio Pressburger in an interview with Katia Pizzi following a screening of the documentary L’orologio di Monaco on 16 March at the Italian Cultural Institute.

2015 Bithell Prize Winners

Wednesday 16 March 2016
The IMLR is delighted to announce that the Bithell Prizes for 2015 have been awarded to Katherine Calvert and Joseph Prestwich , both students at King's College London. First awarded in 1977, the Jethro Bithell and Alice Emily Bithell Prizes were established in memory of Dr Jethro Bithell, Reader in German and Head of Department at Birkbeck College, and his wife, Dr Alice Emily Bithell, both of whom were generous benefactors of the Institute of Germanic Studies, forerunner of the IMLR.

The Curious Incident of the Disappearing French Circumflex

Thursday 10 March 2016
Dominic Glynn, the IMLR’s Lecturer in French Studies, has been exploring the controversy that is raging in France over the implementation of spelling reforms, not least the disuse of the circumflex in words such as goût (taste) or île (island).

Funding Opportunities for Masters Students 2016-17

Wednesday 9 March 2016
The School of Advanced Study is offering a number of studentships for Masters degree courses offered by its Institutes in 2016-17, for example, the IMLR’s new Masters in Modern Languages . The bursaries will cover tuition fees and maintenance (£14,057 in 2015-16) and will be awarded on the basis of academic excellence.

Explore Dutch - the Closest Linguistic Relative to English

Wednesday 24 February 2016
The European Commission Representation in the UK and the Embassy of the Netherlands will be marking the Dutch Presidency of the EU from January to June this year with an evening celebrating the Dutch language family.

2016 Sylvia Naish Lecture Winner Announced

Monday 15 February 2016
Simone Schröder is the winner of this year’s competition to give the Sylvia Naish Lecture . Simone, a research student at the University of Bath, will speak on ‘ Imagining Global Connectedness in Alexander von Humboldt’s Ansichten der Natur ’.