The Centre was launched in 2012 by Bill Marshall (University of Stirling) with the aim of consolidating and developing Quebec and French-Canadian Studies in the UK. Since 2014 it has been headed by Craig Moyes (King's College London). 

As a linguistically and culturally separate entity within the primarily Anglophone subcontinent of North America, Quebec and French Canada offers a unique opportunity for cultural and literary research. The Centre exists to advance that research by organizing conferences and workshops that bring together local and international specialists across a variety of disciplines, training postgraduates, and creating digital resources, including contributing to the postgraduate online research training programme (PORT).

Recent Events

Expo67 50th Anniversary Special: Film / Performance  / Analysis
Staging Canada at Expo67: Nationalism in the Crucible of Globalization (London, 1-4 November 2017)
Staging Canada at Expo67 celebrates the 50th anniversary of the most successful world’s fair of the 20th century with a 4-day event across London featuring films, live performance, and the latest research on Expo, Montreal, Quebec and Canada during that magical year of 1967. Highlights include the UK premiere of the ‘documentary-thriller’, Expo67: Mission Impossible, with director, Guylaine Maroist; screenings of classic Quebec films from the late 1960s; a 2-day international academic symposium on Expo67 and world exhibitions held at Senate House and King’s College London; and a newly commissioned performance of the forgotten multi-media masterpiece, Miracles of Modern Medicine, originally produced for Expo’s ‘Meditheatre’. The event will conclude with a special programme of innovative Expo films, most never before shown in the UK, at the BFI Southbank. 
Further details  

The 4th annual conference, 'Urbs: Suburban, Ex-Urban and Peri-Urban Spaces in Quebec and Francophone Canada', was held on 8 and 9 July 2016 at the University of London

Upcoming Events

Language and Identity in Francophone Canada Conference (University of London, Senate House, WC1, 5-6 July 2018)
Call for Papers [Closing date: 1 December 2017]

For details of all our events, please refer to our Events Calendar.

The Institute is grateful to the Government of Quebec and to the Canada-UK Foundation for their sponsorship of the Centre for Quebec and French-Canadian Studies.