Espectaculo de Cuentacuentos en Español / Storytelling in Spanish

Espectaculo de Cuentacuentos en Español / Storytelling in Spanish
1 September 2018, 3.00pm - 4.00pm
Canada Water Library, 21 Surrey Quays Road, London SE16 7AR

As part of our Community Engagement Project, OWRI-Cross Dynamics: Reshaping Communities, in partnership with Southwark Council, we will be holding a free storytelling session in Spanish at Canada Water Library on Saturday 1st of September, from 3-4pm.  FOR CHILDREN AGED 0-8.

The storytelling session aims to celebrate linguistic diversity and encourage multilingual education, developing a better understanding, tolerance and dialogue amongst different communities. Supporting and promoting mother/father tongues within minority communities means a better chance to be successfully and happily immersed in a complex world where cultural and linguistic diversity should be cherished and defended. 

It is also a chance to explore dynamic and creative ways of community engagement. The event will be an opportunity to reach out the Spanish-speaking community in the Southeast of London and explore if a programme of similar activities in libraries – in conjunction with community and public organisations - can be used to support the dissemination of information in community languages, for instance about service provision in Southwark or entitlements teaching.

The storytelling is created and performed by Daniela Hathaway. Daniela Hathaway was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied singing at the Royal Academy of Music in London. As a recitalist Daniela has performed concerts and operas in the UK, Argentina, France and Mexico. Once she moved to Scotland and had a family, Daniela trained as a Colourstrings Music Teacher and Kodaly Instructor. She has worked for NYcos, the RCS and the Scottish Opera. Daniela has had residencies with Platform Theatre in Glasgow and MC Opera, creating plays for young children and their families. Currently she divides her time between teaching singing in mainstream schools and ASN schools, as well as at the RSNo, and performances for young audiences and care homes in Scotland. More recently, she has developed and performed a programme of story sessions in Spanish for families for the Glasgow-based project community project, The Wee Spanish Mobile Library-La Biciteca.


For further information please email María Soledad Montañez: 


Como parte del proyecto, OWRI-Cross Dynamics: Reshaping Communities en asociación con Southwark Council ofreceremos un espectáculo de cuentacuentos gratutito en la biblioteca de Canada Water el sábado 1o de setiembre de 3-4pm. PARA NIÑOS 0-8.

La sesión pretende celebrar la diversidad lingüística e incentivar la educación multiligue, desarrollando una mejor comprensión, tolerancia y diálogo entre las diferentes comunidades. Apoyar y fomentar las lenguas maternas/paternas dentro de las comunidades minoritarias significa una mejor oportunidad de integrarse en un mundo donde la diversidad cultural y lingüística debe ser celebrada y defendida.

Es también una oportunidad para explorar formas dinámicas y creativas de participación comunitaria. El evento aspira a llegar a la comunidad hispanoparlante en el sureste de Londres e investigar si un programa de actividades similares en bibliotecas –en conjunción con organizaciones comunitarias y públicas, podría ser usado para apoyar la diseminación de información en español, por ejemplo, sobre la provisión de servicios en Southwark o talleres sobre derechos civiles y/o laborales, salud y bienestar, etc.

La sesión es abierta a todo público, aunque especialmente diseñada para familias con niños menores de 8 años.  La sesión es creada por la artista argentina Daniela Hathaway. 



Jon Millington
020 7862 8726