Bodensee. Transnational Literatures of a Cultural Region

Bodensee. Transnational Literatures of a Cultural Region
8 May 2019, 7.00pm - 10 May 2019, 5.00pm
Conference / Symposium
Bedford Room, G37, Ground Floor, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

The extended area around Lake Constance/Bodensee, encompassing the Vierländereck of the surrounding parts of Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, has long been perceived as a transnational cultural and economic space. It defines itself as such in the International Bodensee Konferenz, and is promoted as an inter-regional area by the European Union.

The conference will focus on writers from the 19th century to the present who have either resided in the wider area, and/or have depicted it in their work: Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, Jacob Picard, Hermann Hesse, Franz Michael Felder, Martin Walser, Michael Köhlmeier, Arno Geiger, Verena Roßbacher, Alissa Walser, Peter Stamm, Ursula Krechel, W.G. Sebald, Jacob Picard, Thomas Hürlimann, Karl-Heinz Ott and others.

This event will take stock of literary traditions and recent developments as well as enabling new views on the question of trans/national literatures.

Conference organisers: Andrea Capovilla (Ingeborg Bachmann Centre, IMLR) and Rüdiger Görner (Centre for Anglo-German Cultural Relations, QMUL)


Advance registration required. Registration fees:

All days: £50 (standard rate) | £45 (Friends of Germanic Studies at the IMLR) | £20 (students)
Thursday, 9 May only: £35(standard rate) | £30 (Friends of Germanic Studies at the IMLR) | £15 (students)
Friday, 10 May only: £25 (standard rate) | £20 (Friends of Germanic Studies at the IMLR) | £10 (students)

The programme features bilingual readings by 

Alissa Walser and Verena Roßbacher at the Austrian Cultural Forum on 8 May (

and by Arno Camenisch on 9 May ( 

Seats are limited, so advance booking is essential. 

This event is organised under the auspices of the Ingeborg Bachmann Centre at the IMLR, the Austrian Cultural Forum, London, the Centre for Anglo-German Cultural Relations at Queen Mary University of London, and the
Stiftung Oberschwaben, the Vorarlberger Landesregierung, Landkreis Sigmaringen, and the Swiss Embassy London

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