POSTPONED: Transoceanic Lusitanian Linguistics and Cultures

POSTPONED: Transoceanic Lusitanian Linguistics and Cultures
9 July 2020, 2.00pm - 8.00pm
Conference / Symposium
Woburn Room, G22, Ground Floor, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

Due to the current situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19) we regret that this conference has had to be postponed. Details will be posted of a new date when arranged.

The Portuguese domination of trans-Continental commerce began in the sixteenth century and continued until the handover of Macau to China at the turn of the twentieth century. Linguistic and cultural flows and exchanges were an unexpected, but an inevitable part of this commercial relationship driven by the twin goals of commerce and proselytising.

This symposium will consider migratory movements and cultural carryovers, multi-ethnic scenarios where Africans, enslaved, freed or free, contributed to popular music which, in turn, became national forms of music. Taking into consideration concepts such as hybridity, métissage, miscegenation and identity, literary forms, musical genres, and dance forms which evolved following transcontinental contact, the presentations will cover literature, language, music and dance from Portugal, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka and Macau. The performance will showcase modinha and lundum which preceded the fado - the national music of Portugal. Under-recognised but yet vibrant, Sri Lankan kaffrinha and chicote highlights the Portuguese imprint in Asian music. Furthermore, Sri Lankan chorus baila illustrates the Lusitanian musical flows into popular music. These are contrasted with the mandos and dulpods of Goa, cross-cultural genres which play out the tension between assimilation and identity. One of the strongest cultural imprints amongst diasporas, and often overlooked, are food habits and this will be addressed through Macanese cuisine. A narrator will explain the significance of the chosen genres of music and dance which are linked to the papers presented prior to the performance.

The evening concludes with a wine reception.

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