CfP: Contemporary Women's Writing and the Medical Humanities

CfP: Contemporary Women's Writing and the Medical Humanities
4 September 2020, 11.00pm - 11.01pm
Call for Papers

Image: The Placenta Rainbow, Wellcome Collection CC BY 4.0

CCWW PGR online seminar series

Deadline for proposals:  Friday 4th September 2020 

Organisers:  Rebecca Rosenberg (PGR King’s College London) and Benjamin Dalton (ECR Paris Nanterre) 

PGRs and ECRs are invited to contribute to seminars in this series. Submissions are invited for 15-minute papers from a range of literatures, media, and languages across a range of topics relating to women and the medical humanities. Some suggestions of themes and questions are:

How do contemporary women writers and artists represent clinical spaces and architectures?
How do contemporary women writers represent psycho-medical personnel in their narratives?
Illness narratives and life-writing studies, including autofiction
Illness metaphors and aesthetics
Navigating illness representation on social media
Female agency in illness, as well as in pregnancy and childbirth
Anti-racism work and dismantling white supremacy in healthcare  
Queerness and psycho-medical institutions
Sexuality and pleasure in healthcare
Trans women’s narratives and experiences of healthcare 
Women and wellness: the lure of cures for patriarchy and capitalism
Women and Madness: gendered experiences of mental illness

Short abstracts (250 words max) for 15 minute papers should be sent to Benjamin Dalton and Rebecca Rosenberg at along with a short biographical note, to arrive by Friday 4 September 2020.

The free seminars will be held online, starting in October 2020. 


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