Anti-Nazi Germans in Exile

Anti-Nazi Germans in Exile
21 April 2021, 6.00pm - 7.00pm

Speakers: Merilyn Moos and Steve Cushion (London).

Merilyn Moos will focus on Hans Jahn, Secretary of the German railway union, who became a key figure in organising the underground anti-Nazi struggle amongst railway workers, a 'key' service under the Nazis, before fleeing first to Amsterdam, where he continued organising clandestinely, and then to London. An active member of the Internationaler Sozialistischer Kampfbund (ISK), in London he organised underground work in Germany with the Special Operations Executive (SOE), and a post-Nazi transport policy with other trade unionists before returning to Germany. 

Steve Cushion will talk about how many German refugees took part in fighting the Nazis in occupied France. From spreading anti-Nazi propaganda in the German army and attempting to organise mutiny and desertion, through to extensive involvement in urban terrorism and the rural guerrilla struggle, German volunteers, often veterans of the International Brigades greatly enhanced the effectiveness of the French resistance. 

Participation in the seminar is free, but advance online registration is required. 


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