Narratives of Selfhood and Ambivalence

Narratives of Selfhood and Ambivalence
30 September 2021, 8.00am - 2 October 2021, 12.30pm
Conference / Symposium

Keynote speakers: Shirley Jordan (Newcastle), Natalie Edwards (Adelaide), Christopher Hogarth (South Australia)
Françoise Campbell (IMLR) and Beth Kearney (Queensland)

Day One: Thursday 30 September 2021

London (UK): 8:00 am-11:20 am ― programme below is in BST 
Sydney/Melbourne/Canberra/Brisbane (Aust.): 5:00 pm-8:20 pm

08:00 Françoise Campbell (IMLR) and Beth Kearney (Queensland)

08:05 Panel 1  Queer Identity and Ambivalent Bodies 
Chair: Polly Galis (Bristol)
Ana Bessa Carvalho (Minho): ‘2011: the Summer of Our Changing Bodies’: Transitioning in Maggie Nelson’s The Argonauts
Gracija Atanasovska (Potsdam): Producing Queer Agency: Carmen Maria Machado’s In the Dream House as an Autofiction Narrative
Pariwat Sukwichai (Paris Nanterre): The Literary Resistance of Bisexual Body in Saccage (2006) by Éric Jourdan and Call me by your name (2007) by André Aciman

09:10 Break

09:20 Panel 2  Ambivalence in Coming-of-Age and Trauma Narratives 
Chair: Amy Hubbell (Queensland)
James Cleverly (Melbourne): Feeling the Way in Cate Shortland’s Lore (2012)
Kate Mackenzie (St Andrews): The adolescent narrator and the fractured self in two (post-)conflict novels from Central Africa
Clíona Hensey (Ireland): Ambivalent returns in Zahia Rahmani’s France: Récit d’une enfance (2006) and Alice Zeniter’s L’art de perdre (2017)

10:25 Keynote 1: Shirley Jordan (Newcastle)
Selfhood and Ambivalence in Camille Reynaud’s Et par endroits ça fait des noeuds

10:50 Q&A

11:20 End

Day Two: Friday 1 October 2021

London (UK): 8:00 am-12:50 pm ― programme below is in BST 
Sydney/Melbourne/Canberra/Brisbane (Aust.): 5:00 pm.-9:50 pm

8:00 Beth Kearney (Queensland)

8:05 Keynote 2: Christopher Hogarth (South Australia)
Writing for Others in Spite of the Self?: Ambivalent Boundaries Between Fiction and Women's (Life) Writing in Francophone and Italophone Afropean Contexts

8:30 Q&A

09:00 Panel 3  Postcolonial Exile and Migration
Chair: Shreya Bera (Szeged) 
Antonia Wimbush (Liverpool): Autofiction: A Female Francophone Aesthetic of Exile
Shweta Deshpande (CUNY): Displaced Identities in Sumona Sinha’s Assommons les pauvres! (Let Us Strike Down the Poor!)
Joseph Ford (London): Narrativizing the self and the ambivalent relation to world literature in the work of Kaouther Adimi

10:05 Break

10:15 Panel 4  Racial Identity and Ambivalence 
Chair: Antonia Wimbush (Liverpool)
Isabell Sluka (Connecticut): From Double to Quadruple. A Du Boisian reading of Olivia Wenzel’s 1000 Serpentinen Angst
Kata Gyuris (Eötvös Loránd): The Ambivalence of Post-Apartheid Whiteness: Corporeality and the Body Politic in Henrietta Rose-Innes’s Nineveh
Madeline Muravchik (Maryland): Comedy Noir: Racial Identity and Ambiguity among French Comedians
Jorien van Beukering (Queensland): Using Ambivalence to Understand Illegitimate Mixed-Race Indo-European Identity

11:35 Break

11:45 Panel 5  Fragmented Female Selves: Gender in Post- or De-colonial Context
Chair: Kata Gyuris (Eötvös Loránd)
Daisy Savage (Birmingham): Mixed métissage: split subjectivity and fragments of self in Nina Bouraoui’s Nos baisers sont des adieux
Lucile Richard (UCL): Writing the postcolonial self: fragmentation, fluidity and women’s memory in Assia Djebar’s Vaste est la Prison
Shreya Bera (Szeged): Oleander Girl and the Otherness: Fashioning the Sublime Identity through Body, Home and Nostalgia

Day Three: Saturday 2 October 2021

London (UK): 8:00 am-12:20 pm ― programme below is in BST
Sydney/Melbourne/Canberra/Brisbane (Aust.): 5:00 pm-9:20 pm

8:00 Françoise Campbell

8:05 Keynote 3:  Natalie Edwards (Adelaide)
Gender and Generation: Elena Ferrante, Annie Ernaux and the Legacy of Simone de Beauvoir

8:30 Q&A

9:00 Panel 6  Trouble Every Way: Ambivalent Selves in Contemporary French Women’s Writing
Chair: Joseph Ford (IMLR)
Dominique Carlini Versini (Durham): Reclaiming Agency in Vanessa Springora’s Le Consentement (2019) 
Rebecca Rosenberg (King’s College London): Chahdortt Djavann’s Ambivalences of Autofiction, Psychoanalysis and Exile
Adina Stroia (Newcastle): Féminin/féminin: Lesbian Elusiveness in Contemporary French Women’s Writing

10:05 Break

10:15 Panel 7  Mediated Selves
Chair: Dominique Carlini Versini (Durham)
Ashley Harris (QUB): Beigbeder, Despentes, Houellebecq and Transmedial Ambivalence 
Jemima Rose Jobling (Newcastle): Un exercice d’éclatement: the multimedia universe of Virginie Despentes
Felicity Chaplin (Monash): Transmedia stardom: Charlotte Gainsbourg’s self-representation through hybrid media
Eric Wistrom (Wisconsin-Madison): Intermediality and the Collective Narration of the Self: Facebook’s Chronique de Aliyah: L’Amour à la Ghetto Youth

11:35  Closing discussion
Serious by association: Reading, theorising and teaching men’s writing as women in literary studies
With Dr Frances Egan (Monash) and Dr Ruth McHugh-Dillon (Monash)

12:05 Q&A

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