Innocence and Experience: Childhood and the 1930s Refugees

Innocence and Experience: Childhood and the 1930s Refugees
1 December 2021, 1.30pm - 2 December 2021, 5.30pm
Conference / Symposium

Child psychology and therapy were disciplines developed in pre-war Germany and Austria, and Britain benefitted hugely from the refugees' expertise in the area. Many of the children who came to the UK as refugees or Holocaust survivors were themselves of course in need of support. 

This online conference brings together expertise in the field from the UK, Europe and Israel, and presentations deal with diverse aspects of childhood amongst the refugees from Nazism, including education, therapy, literature, art, photography, and play. 

Programme (29.11.2021)

Abstracts and Biographies of Speakers

The conference is organised by the Research Centre for German & Austrian Exile Studies at the IMLR, and Insiders/Outsiders

Attendance free; advance online registration is required by 30 November 2021. Bookings are confirmed by automated email and include the Zoom link required to access the presentations. 

Image from Wolf Suschitzky and Liselotte Frankl, That Baby. The Story of Peter and his new Brother. Adprint, 1946 © Estate of Wolf Suschitzky.


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