Sites of Memory, Sites of Border

Sites of Memory, Sites of Border
25 May 2017, 09:00 to 27 May 2017, 17:00
Conference / Symposium
Primorska University (Koper, Slovenia)



25 May 2017

9:30 Welcome speeches and introduction

10:00 Panel I
Hannes Grandits
: Changing legitimations of state borders and the idea of “Phantomborders”
Nancy Wingfield: German Summer Solstice Celebrations as Twentieth-Century Radical Right-Wing Nationalist Mobilizing Rituals
Borut Klabjan: Beyond post-socialist memory

11.30 Coffee Break

12.00 Panel II
Marta Verginella
: National Mapping of Urban Centres in the Austrian Littoral between the 19th and 20th Century
Dragica Čeč: Nationalism, regionalism and border in Postojna: story of a monument
Vanni D`Alessio: Shaping the Adriatic Urban Multiethnic Space. National and Transnational Landmarks in 20th century Rijeka

13.30 Lunch

15:00 Panel III
Matic Batič
: »Le Terre Redente si presentano a noi come vecchie terre italiche«. Building italianità in Provincia die Gorizia in the interwar period
Klaus Tragbar: Conquest by Architecture? Strategies of Appropriation of Italy in Alto Adige and the Trentino after 1920

Gaetano Dato: The Redipuglia Shrine – Memory, Border, Commemoration

16.30 Coffee break

17:00 Panel IV
Emilio Cocco
: Borders in the sea. Traces on and beyond the seashores
Tanja Petrovič: Construing Ponte Rosso as a Memory Site: Remembering Socialism, Imagining the Class

Katia Pizzi: Cold War Trieste on Screen

19.00 Dinner

26 May 2017

9:30 Panel V
Egon Pelikan
: Tone Kralj and the Space along the Border. Ideological Marking of Space along the Slovene-Italian Ethnic Border: Art between Catholicism, Fascism and Slovene Irredentism
Pieter Judson: Carlo, Karl, or Carlotta? Men and Women of “der Fremde Heimat”
Vanesa Matajc: Sites of Memories on the Isonzo Front during the Great War: the Rhetoric of Border Space in Interaction of the Spatial Signs and Representations of this Space in Fiction, War Diaries, and Reports

11:00 Coffee break

11:30 Panel VI
Oto Luthar
: Memory, Revision, Resistance. Reviving the Aura of Partisan Monuments along the Slovenian-Italian Border
Manuel Loff: Border(line) memories of the Spanish Civil War: Spanish Republican refugees in Portuguese borderlands
Gašper Mithans: Burnt villages as sites of memory

13:00 Lunch

14:30 Panel VI
Pamela Ballinger
: Sites of Memory Hiding in Plain Sight? Italian Repatriate Settlements in the Post-Fascist Metropole
Mila Orlić: Making and remaking of esuli’s memory in Italy: from the “long silence” to the building of a national myth
Urška Lampe: Today’s Perception of the Lapidary in Memory of the post-World War II Deportees from Gorizia in the Gorizia Park of Remembrance

16:00 Coffee break

16:30 Panel VII
Vida Rožac Darovec
: Commemoration of the Antifascist Movement TIGR within the Context of Policy of Remembrance in the multi-ethnic Borderland Primorska after Slovenia’s Independence in 1991

Vjeran Pavlaković: (Re)Framing the Nation Locally: Croatian Commemorative Culture in the Context of Rijeka

Kaja Širok: The Past in the Present. Commemoration and Politics of Memory in border region.

18:30 Dinner

27 May 2017 - Field trip
Timings are approximate

Schedule of visits:
- Start between 9.00 and 9.30
- Lokev – church paintings of Tone Kralj and Military museum – 10.00
- Trieste/Trst: Piazza Unità (main city square), opportunity for coffee – until 12.30
- Italian War Ossuary at Redipuglia/Sredipolje – 13.00
- Lunch at an Agritourism farm in Slovenia at around – 14.00
- Visit to the Tower of Cerje – 16.00
- Wine tasting in a Karst village Tomaj – 17.00
- Return to Koper between 19.00 and 20.00


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