Welcome to the IMLR Graduate Forum. This forum is run by and for graduate students from the Colleges and Institutes in and around London, working on any cultural aspect of those parts of the world where Germanic or Romance languages are spoken (including Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish and many more).

Graduate students from departments other than Modern Languages (e.g. Anthropology, History, History of Art, Film and Media, etc.) and students working on comparative projects involving one or more Germanic or Romance language are particularly welcome to join the group to develop interdisciplinary links.

Forum members meet once a month during term-time to share and discuss their work in an informal setting, and invites students to present their research and host film screenings, reading groups and workshops. As well as stimulating intellectual debate, the Forum is a great social occasion, giving students, from their first year to the writing-up stage, from different departments across Greater London, a rare opportunity to meet and be inspired by each other’s work.


Meetings are held at Senate House, on the following Thursdays, from 18:00 to 19:30. 

Thursday, 18 October 2018, in Room 234
New Approches  - Chair: Arianna Bassetti (QMUL)
Monika Andrzejewska (Geneva): On a Translator’s Presence: Two Italian Translations of W małym dworku
Angelika Peljak-Łapińska (Swansea): English-Polish-Belarusian Literary Parallel Corpus
Jennifer Caisley (Cambridge): New Approaches to Goethe’s Geological Writings

Thursday, 15 November 2018, in Room G34
Popular Culture - Chair: Alessandra Rosati (Goldsmiths)
Pauline Suwanban (Birkbeck): Held Captivated: Recurrences of the Captivity Narrative by Female Writers (Elizabeth Marsh [1769], Penelope Aubin [1720-30], E.M Hull [1919])
Waqas Mirza (Oxford): ‘Only Poets Know the Truth About Us’. From Baldwin to Lamar: Peace, Love and Self-Knowledge as Resistance
Arianna Bassetti (QMUL): Solidarity in a World of Junk: Zerocalcare’s Accumulative Poetics in Kobane calling

Thursday, 6 December 2018, in Room 246
Intercultural Encounters - Chair: Alessandra Rosati  (Goldsmiths)
Alessio D'Agapito (Roma Tre): Diplomatic Relations Between Italy and Great Britain in the Late '70s: a British Prospective
Alexander Humphries (SOAS): The Christian Formation of Iraq: A Study of the Chaldean Catholic Church’s Role in the Creation and Development of the Iraqi Nation
Amanda Moehlenpah (North Carolina/Oxford): Dancers, Readers, and Spectators: Communities Formed by the Practice of Social Dance in Early Modern England and France

Thursday, 17 January 2019, in Room 243
Women's Resistance - Chair: Kendsey Clements (UCL)
Charlotte Grace Mackay (Melbourne/Sorbonne): The Womanist Women of Fatou Diome: Feminine Oppression, Resistance and Fulfilment in Those who wait [Celles qui attendent]
Adjoa Osei (Liverpool): Black Brazilian Women of the Harlem Renaissance
Jess McIvor (Southampton/Bristol): (Re)making Meaning: Visible and Invisible Afterlives of Photography of Women Militants

Thursday, 21 February 2019, in Room 246
Autofiction - Chair: Kendsey Clements (UCL)
Margaret May (IMLR): ‘Die banalen Wörter “aus nichts”’: Exploring the Sophisticated Simplicity of Barbara Honigmann’s Narrative Style
Pauline Harris (Birkbeck): Raw Writing: Truth and Treachery in the Novels of Sorj Chalandon (1952- )
Thomas Liano (UCL): Hélène Cixous’ ‘The-Book-I-Don’t-Write’: Reflections on a Critical Silence

Thursday, 21 March 2019, in Room 246
Media, Economics, Education - Chair: Dalila Villella (Birkbeck)
Maren Rohe (Birmingham/IMLR): Constructing the Other - Polish and Russian Narratives on Germany Between Individuality and Media Influence
Guilherme Celestino (KCL): Visconde de Cairu, the Journalist: Press, Independence and National Identity in Brazil from 1821 to 1825
Luis Medina (KCL): What Defines the Contemporary? The Impacts of Economic Crisis on Ecuadorian Literature
Francesca Masiero (UCL): The Shaping of the Humanistic Curriculum in the Veneto

Thursday, 11 April 2019, in Room 243
Philosophy and Literary Theory - Chair: Dalila Villella (Birkbeck)
Georgina Edwards (Oxford): Wittgenstein, Heidegger, and Hesse: Anti-Intellectualism and Its Discontents
Sofia Cumming (East Anglia): Walter Benjamin as Vermittler; Lasting Snapshots of the European Intelligentsia
Philippa Campbell (Goldsmiths): Philosophy and Narrative: A New Approach; A New Understanding
Vincenzo Torromacco (QMUL): An Ungraspable Threshold Between a ‘Not Yet’ and a ‘No More’: On the Temporality of Aesthetic Experience and the Contemporary Novel

Thursday, 16 May 2019, in Room 246
Translation and Interpreting - Chair: Arianna Bassetti
Zihui Wang (Swansea): 'Note Taking in Conference Consecutive Interpretings in the Business Domain: A Case Study of English-Mandarin Language Combination
Silke Lührmann (East Anglia): From the House of Wisdom to the Virtual Assembly Line: Perceptions of Professional Identity in the Translation Industry
Laphatrada O'Donnell (Goldsmiths): Researching Translation and Tourism
Isabel García Ortiz (QMUL): title to be annnounced

Presentations are followed by a Q&A, wine and nibbles. The conversation continuesat a local pub. 

Co-Ordinators: Arianna Bassetti (QMUL), Kensey Clements (UCL), Alessandra Rosati (Goldsmiths), Dalila Villella (Birkbeck)
Email gradforum.imlr@sas.ac.uk



The Team

The Graduate Forum Team includes graduate students from different institutions around London and further afield.

Contact: gradforum.imlr@sas.ac.uk

Francesca Masiero is a 2nd-year LAHP-funded PhD student in Renaissance Studies in the Italian Department at the School of European Languages, Culture and Society at UCL. Her PhD project explores literacy and learning in Latin and vernacular schools in the Veneto (1405-1509) under the supervision of Professor Dilwyn Knox and Dr Lisa Sampson. She holds an MA and BA in American and European Languages, Literatures and Civilizations from Ca’ Foscari University in Venice (Italy) and a post-graduate Erasmus award for research as part of her MA at the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance at the University of Warwick. She has presented several papers at seminars and conferences in London, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Belfast, Venice, Barcelona and Arizona, and has been recently involved in the ‘Digital Editing and the Medieval Manuscript Fragment’ project organised by UCL and Yale.

Byron Taylor is 1st -year PhD student in Comparative Literature at UCL, specialising in Brazilian, Russian and German modernism, with a focus on untranslatability and literary theory. He holds an MPhil in Comparative Literature from the University of Cambridge, and an MA from the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary, where he also worked in the OSA Archives (the largest Soviet archive in mainland Europe). He has published several reviews through OCCT (Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation), and has delivered lectures at conferences in Amsterdam, Cambridge, Harvard, London, Oxford and Rome. 


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