Welcome to the IMLR Graduate Forum! This forum is run by and for graduate students from the Colleges and Institutes in and around London, working on any cultural aspect of those parts of the world where Germanic or Romance languages are spoken (including Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish and many more).

Graduate students from departments other than Modern Languages (e.g. Anthropology, History, History of Art, Film and Media, etc.) and students working on comparative projects involving one or more Germanic or Romance language are particularly welcome to join the group to develop interdisciplinary links.

Forum members meet once a month during term-time to share and discuss their work in an informal setting, and invites students to present their research and host film screenings, reading groups and workshops. As well as stimulating intellectual debate, the Forum is a great social occasion, giving students, from their first year to the writing-up stage, from different departments across Greater London, a rare opportunity to meet and be inspired by each other’s work.


Thursday, 6 October 2016, Senate House, Room 246
Adele Bardazzi (Oxford): Montale’s Xenia between Myth and Poetic Tradition
Jonathan Daniel Luther (SOAS): Towards a History of Normativity at the Intersections of 'queer' and Tagore

Thursday, 17 November 2016, Senate House, Room 246
Jenny Harris (Cambridge): Benjamin and the Broken Vessels: Imagining a Fragmented Future for Translation
Sascha Stollhans (Manchester): 'Dinosaurs are extinct and Brits love tea...?' On Linguistic Genericity in English, French and German, and its Implications for Language Acquisition

Thursday, 8 December 2016, Senate House, Room 246
John Hackett (RHUL): La Carte et Le Territoire: Projecting Late Capitalism’s Excesses
Julian Johannes Immanuel Koch (QMUL): Imagined Etymologies, Fantastic Mélanges of Concepts, Unimaginable Translations: 'Einbildungskraft' and Imagination as Untranslatables

Thursday, 19 January 2017, Senate House, Room 246
Yejun Zou (KCL/Humboldt, Berlin): Socialist Feminism? A Comparative Study of Christa Wolf and Ding Ling
Marion Hallet (KCL): European Star and Novice Rebel: Romy Schneider’s Conflicted Persona in the 1960s

Thursday, 16 February 2017, Senate House, Room 246
Sara Boezio (Warwick): Looking to the Future through the Lens of the Past: Fin-de-siècle Italy's Torn Stance at the Turn of the Century
Guido Bartolini (RHUL): Victims, Lovers and Goodhearted people: The memory of the Fascist Wars in Italian Literary Representations 1945-1970

Thursday, 16 March 2017, Senate House, Room 246
Amy King (Bristol/Bath): The Martyrdom of Giacomo Matteotti: a Father for the Nation
Fraser McQueen (Stirling/Aberdeen): 'N'êtes vous donc pas jolie?' Veils in Recent French Fiction

Thursday, 20 April 2017, Senate House, Room 246
Alex Leskanich (RHUL): Orientation, Identity, and the Tautology of the Anthropocene
Dylan Sebastian Evans (RHUL): Rape in France: Notes towards a Historical Understanding of the 'Problem'

Thursday, 18 May 2017, Senate House, Room 246
Anthony Mitzel (UCL/Bologna): Ephemerality, Ethnogenesis, and the Transformation of Culture
Jonathan Tyrens (Bristol): French for the British: Teaching Grammars for French in the17th Century - The Significance of Prefaces


The Team

The Graduate Forum Team includes graduate students from different institutions around London and further afield.

Contact: forum.igrs@sas.ac.uk

Ramona-Dana Lungu is a PhD candidate at the University of Bristol. Her main area of research is 17th-century French classical tragedy with a focus on the female tragic character in the works of Jean Racine and Pierre Corneille, particularly Phèdre, Clytemnestre and Médée. Her doctoral thesis: 'Médée, Clytemnestre and Phèdre from Archetypal Female Perpetrators of the 17th-Century French Tragedy to Victim, Rescuer and Actor' aims to challenge the image presented of these particular characters as archetypes of female transgression and monstrosity, through the perspective of transactional analysis more specifically Karpman Drama Triangle and game theory and legal theory. She is one of the IMLR Graduate Forum Co-ordinators for 2016-17.

Sinan Richards is a DPhil candidate at Wadham College, Oxford. He works on contemporary French philosophy and German Idealism. He is currently a visiting fellow at the École normale supérieure, Ulm, and one of the IMLR Graduate Forum Co-ordinators for 2016-17.

Cinthya Oliveira is a PhD student at King's College London, researching the representation of Amazonian indigenous people in art and ethnographic exhibitions, and one of the IMLR Graduate Forum Co-ordinators for 2016-17.


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