Bithell Memorial Lectures

The annual Bithell Memorial Lecture series was inaugurated in 1975 by Professor Leonard Willougby, founding Honorary Director of the the Institute of Germanic Studies. From 1986 the Lectures have been held (and published) at two- to three-year intervals.

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Volume Description
1975 'Wine that maketh glad…' The Interplay of Reality and Symbol in Goethe's Life and Work by L.A. Willoughby
9780854570867 [iv, 64pp; 1979]
1976 The Neglect of the Past and the Price it Exacts by Geoffrey Templeman
9780854570799 [iv, 18pp; 1977]
1977 Brecht's Misgivings by Roy Pascal
9780854570829 [iv, 19pp; 1978]
1978 Contemporary Historians of the German Reformation by A.G. Dickens
9780854570881 [iv, 27pp; 1979]
1979 Some German Memories 1911-1961 by W.H. Bruford
9780854570973 [iv, 38pp; 1980]
1980 The Man who Wanted to Know Everything by Leonard Forster
9780854571024 [iv, 27pp; 1981]
1981 Der Fortschritt und das Museum. Über den Grund unseres Vergnügens an historischen Gegenständen by Hermann Lübbe
9780854571079 [vi, 22pp; 1982]
1982 How Dr Adenauer Rose Resilient from the Ruins of Germany by Lord Annan
9780854571161 [vi, 22pp; 1983]
1983 Coal-Smoke and Englishmen. A Study of Verbal Caricature in the Writings of Heinrich Heine by S.S. Prawer
9780854571208 [vi, 37pp; 1984] - out of print
1984 Faust's Last Speech by Eric A. Blackall
9780854571260 [vi, 14pp; 1985]
1985 Kant und Schiller als Zeitgenossen der Französischen Revolution by Karl Dietrich Erdmann
9780854571352 [vi, 21pp; 1986]

Italian Futurism and the German Literary Avant-Garde by Peter Demetz
9780854571406 [vi, 21pp; 1986] - out of print

1988 Studies in German Romantic Psychiatry. Justinus Kerner as a Psychiatric Practitioner. E.T.A. Hoffmann as a Psychiatric Theorist by Uwe Henrik Peters
9780854571499 [vi, 35pp; 1990]
1989 Misunderstanding Schopenhauer by Bryan Magee
9780854571482 [iv, 18pp; 1990] - out of print
1992 Germany's Present, Germany's Past by Ian Kershaw
9780854571628 [vi, 20pp; 1992] - out of print
1994 Genesis: Some Episodes in Literary Creation by T.J. Reed
9780854571752 [vi, 20pp; 1995] - out of print
1996 Ursachen und Folgen der Deutschen Ostpolitik in der Zeit des Kalten Krieges by Richard von Weizsäcker
9780854571826 [vi, 14pp; 1997]
1999 'Mein Leben'. A Reading by Marcel Reich-Ranicki
9780845471499 [iv, 24pp; 2000]
2000 Fifty Years of Anglo-German Relations by A.J. Nicholls
9780854571973 [vi, 21pp; 2001]
2002 Wer sagt uns, was wir lesen sollen? Die Bücherflut, die Kritik und der literarischer Kanon by Sigrid Löffler
9780854572021 [vi, 26pp; 2003]
2004 Dichten in der Niemandszeit. Der Lyriker Mörike im leeren Raum zwischen Romantik und Moderne by Peter von Matt
9780854571210 [viii, 20pp; 2005]
2008 Schillers 'Wallenstein'-Trilogie auf der Bühne by Peter Stein
9780854572236 [xii, 16pp; 2009]
2010 Berlin. A Clash of Histories by Matt Frei
9780854572328 [iv, 13pp; 2011]
2013 Die Stimme der Mutter. Thomas Mann und die Musik by Volker Mertens
9780854572458 [vi, 22pp; 2015]
2015 English and German Cultural Encounters. A.S. Byatt in Conversation with Martin Swales and Godela Weiss-Sussex by A.S. Byatt
9780854572625 [iv, 16pp; 2016]
2017 Roy Pascal and Georg Lukács: Towards a Re-Evaluation of the History of Marxist Literary Criiticism in Britain? by Helmut Peitsch
9780854572670 [iv, 30pp; 2018]