Bithell Series of Dissertations

Launched in 1978, this series is designed to help young scholars publish recent work of high quality, accepted for a research degree by universities in the United Kingdom and Eire. Volumes 14 to 41 were published together with the Modern Humanities Research Association (MHRA), and publication has now been resumed by the Institute.

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Unless otherwise stated, volumes 1 to 13  and volumes 42 onwards can be purchased online through our distributor or direct from the Institute of Modern Languages Research, University of London, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU. Orders sent to the IMLR, which may be placed by post, facsimile or email, will be acknowledged by the issue of a proforma invoice for the amount due. Titles are despatched on receipt of payment. Details of how to order volumes 14 to 41 are available from the Modern Humanities Research Association.


Volume Description
1 E.T.A. Hoffmann and the Rhetoric of Terror by Elizabeth Wright
9780854570874 [viii, 307pp; 1979] 
2 Figures of Transformation: Rilke and the Example of Valéry by Richard Cox
978084570928 [viii, 199pp; 1979]
3 Names and Nomenclature in Goethe's 'Faust' by Ann White
9780854570935 [xii, 172pp; 1980]
4 Landscape and Landscape Imagery in R.M. Rilke by John Sandford
9780854570966 [x, 159pp; 1980]
5 The Authority of the Source in Middle High German Narrative Poetry by Carl Lofmark
9780854570980 [x, 161pp; 1981]
6 The Banal Object: Theme and Thematics in Proust, Rilke Hofmannsthal and Sartre by Naomi Segal
9780854570997 [x, 147pp; 1981]
7 Spinoza in Germany from 1670 to the Age of Goethe by David Bell
9780854571178 [xiv, 192pp; 1984] 
8 History and Poetry in Novalis and in the Tradition of the German Enlightenment by Nicholas Saul
9780854571215 [x, 208pp; 1984]
9 Contemporary German Autobiography. Literary Approaches to the Problem of Identity by Barbara Saunders
9780854571277 [viii, 147pp; 1985]
10 The Historical Novel as Philosophy of History by Richard Humphrey
9780854571284 [x, 175pp; 1986]
11 Expressionist Poetry and its Critics by Christopher Waller
9780854571321 [x, 190pp; 1986]
12 Philosophy, Letters and the Fine Arts in Klopstock's Thought by Kevin Hilliard
9780854571338 [xii, 207pp; 1987]
13 Hugo Ball. An Intellectual Biography by Philip Mann
9780854571345 [198pp; 1987]
14 The Ethics of Narration. Uwe Johnson's Novels from 'Ingrid Babendererde' to 'Jahrestage' by Colin Riordan
9780947623258 [x, 245pp; 1989]
15 Sexuality and the Sense of Self in the Works of Georg Trakl and Robert Musil by Andrew Webber
9780947623333 [viii, 198pp; 1990]
16 The Problem of Christ in the Work of Friedrich Hölderlin by Mark Ogden
9780947623364 [viii, 185pp; 1991]
17 Dialogue and Narrative Design in the Works of Adalbert Stifter by Brigid Haines
9780947623449 [xiv, 158pp; 1991]
18 History, Fiction, Verismilitude. Studies in the Poetics of Gottfried's 'Tristan' by Mark Chinca
9780947623494 [viii, 136pp; 1993]
19 Horace's 'Epistles', Wieland and the Reader. A Three-Way Translation by Jane Veronica Curran
9780901286475 [ix, 172pp; 1995]
20 Gunter Grass's Use of Baroque Literature by Alexander Weber
9780901286505 [viii, 191pp; 1995]
21 The Correspondence of Edward Gordon Craig and Count Harry Kessler, 1903-1937 by Lindsay Newman
9780901286598 [xvi, 398pp; 1996] - out of print
22 'Being' and 'Meaning' in Thomas Mann's 'Joseph' Novels by Charlotte Nolte
9780901286635 [viii, 170pp; 1996]
23 'Welttheater': Hofmannsthal, Richard von Kralik and the Revival of Catholic Drama in Austria 1890-1934 by Judith Beniston
9780901286840 [viii, 285pp; 1998]
24 Divided Loyalties: East German Writers and the Politics of German Division 1945-1953 by Peter Davies
9781902653211 [iv, 277pp; 2000]
25 Tucholsky and France by Stephanie Burrows
9781902653624 [x, 269pp; 2001]
26 Troubling Maternity: Mothering, Agency and Ethics in Women's Writing in German of the 1970s and 1980s by Emily Jeremiah
9781904350101 [xii, 198pp; 2003]
27 Benedikte Naubert (1756-1819) and her Relations to English Culture by Hilary Brown
9781904350422 [x, 161pp; 2005]
28 Room for Manoeuvre. The Role of Intertext in Elfriede Jelinek's 'Die Klavierspielerin', Günter Grass's 'Ein weites Feld', and Herta Müller's 'Niederungen' and 'Reisende auf einem Bein' by Morwenna Symons
9781904350437 [viii, 168pp; 2005]
29 The Reception of English Puritan Literature in Germany by Peter Damrau
9781904350380 [214pp; 2006]
30 Facing Modernity. Fragmentation, Culture and Identity in Joseph Roth's Writing in the 1920s by Jon Hughes
9781904350378 [viii, 195pp; 2006]
31 Sacramental Realism: Gertrud von le Fort and German Catholic Literature in the Weimar Republic and Third Reich (1924-46) by Helena Tomko
978904350361 [xvi, 226pp; 2007]
32 Art and its Uses in Thomas Mann's 'Felix Krull' by Ernest Schonfield
9781905981052 [xv, 202pp; 2008]
33 Single Combat and Warfare in German Literature of the High Middle Ages. Stricker's 'Karl der Große' and 'Daniel von dem Blühenden Tal' by Rachel E. Kellett
9781905981489 [vii, 277pp; 2008]
34 Hamann’s Prophetic Mission: a Genetic Study of Three Late Works against the Enlightenment by Timothy Beech
9781906540227 [182pp; 2010]
35 E.T.A. Hoffmann and Alcohol: Biography, Reception and Art by Victoria Dutchman-Smith
9781906540234 [x, 186pp; 2010]
36 The Wallenstein Figure in German Literature and Historiography 1790-1920 by Steffan Davies
9781906540289 [xii, 251pp; 2010]
37 Private Lives and Collective Destinies by Benedict Schofield
9781907322228 [viii, 219pp; 2012]
38 Space in Theodor Fontane's Works. Theme and Poetic Function by Michael James White
9781907322297 [viii, 190pp; 2012]
39 Crisis and Form in the Later Writing of Ingeborg Bachmann by Áine McMurtry
9781907322396 [x, 250pp; 2012]
40 Bridal-Quest Epics in Medieval Germany by Sarah Bowden
9781907322464 [viii, 184pp; 2012]
41 Phantom Images by Catherine Smale
9781781880265 [x, 192pp; 2013]
42 Intercultural and Intertextual Encounters in Michael Roes's Travel Fiction by Seiriol Dafydd
9780854572427 (02667932) [x, 224pp; 2015]
43 Women Political Prisoners in Germany: Narratives of Self and Captivity, 1915-91 by Kim Richmond
9780854572472 (02667932) [viii, 191pp; 2016]
44 Society and its Outsiders in the Novels of Jakob Wassermann by Katharina Volckmer
9780854572502 [x, 210pp; 2016]
45 'mit worten lûter unde glanz': Metapoetics in Konrad von Würzburg's 'Trojanerkrieg' by Esther Laufer
9780854572533 [x, 301pp; 2016]
46 The Emergence of Post-Hybrid Identities: A Comparative Analysis of National Identity Formations in Germany's Hip-Hop Culture by Marissa Munderloh
9780854572557 [xi, 245pp; 2017]
47 Unweaving The Odyssey: Barbara Köhler's Niemands Frau by Rebecca May Johnson
9780854572700 [x, 253pp; 2019]