Goethe at 250 / Goethe mit 250

Edited by T.J. Reed, Martin Swales, and Jeremy Adler
31 December 2000
305 pp
Paperback: 978-0-85457-195-6

This volume presents papers given at the symposium organised by the English Goethe Society to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. It was held at the Institute of Germanic Studies in London from 21 to 23 April 1999. The speakers and variety of topics treated show the range and vitality, though not necessarily the limits of present British interest in Goethe. With twenty-eight contributors and some hundred people attending over the three days, this was perhaps the most sustained Goethe occasion yet held in these islands. 

T.J. Reed: Preface
Martin Swales
: Goethe's Analysis of Modernity
Katrin Kohl: From Apprentice to Master: Goethe as National Poet
Hans Hahn: Kranke Marmorbilder und kinderlose Worte: Zu Gesundheit und Krankheit im Umkreis Goethes
W.E. Yates: Goethe and the Viennese Dramatists
Laura Martin: The Feminine Voice and the Eternal Verities: Goethe's Wanderjahre and its Critics
Duncan Large: Goethe, Sterne and the Question of Plagiarism
David Hill: The Inner Form of Aus Goethes Brieftasche
John R. WIlliams: Goethe and the Idealists: Der Teufel als Wille und Vorstellung
Hilda Brown: Goethe and the (English) Landscape-Improvers: a Theme in Die Wahlverwandtschaften 
Leonard Olschner: The Notion of Translation Maturing. Goethe in 1828
Paul Bishop: Goethe on the Couch: Freud's Reception of Goethe';
Henk de Berg: Goethe, Heine, and Quentin Skinner
Matthew Bell: Liebe - Amor - Eros: Stages in Goethe's Naturalistic Thinking about Love
Ouida Taaffe: Goethe and Hate
Sarah Colvin: 'Lachend über den Abgrund springen': Comic Complexity and a Difficult Relationship in Charlotte von Stein's Neues Freiheitssystem oder die Verschwörung gegen die Liebe
Rüdiger Görner: Sinn der Wiederholung: Zur Morphologie einer erfahrenen Idee
K.F. Hilliard:  Römische Elegien XX: Metapoetic Reflection in Goethe's Classical Poetry
R.C. Ockenden: 'Ein schwankendes Los' - The Death of Euphrosyne
Jeremy Adler: Goethes Gedankenlyrik. From 'Mailied' and 'Ein Gleiches' to 'Vermächtnis', in the Light of Goethe's Principle of 'Synthese'
R.H. Stephenson: The Ethical Basis of Goethe's Reineke Fuchs
Alan Menhennet: 'Im Gegenwärtigen Vergangenes'... und umgekehrt. Goethe as Historian
T.J. Reed: G-Force: A Poet and the Earth