Miller Memorial Lectures

The Martin Miller and Hannah Norbert-Miller Memorial Lectures in the field of exile studies were inaugurated in 2011 with Professor Heinz Wolff's account of how he came to England and became a ground-breaking scientist. Since then the Lectures have been, and published, at roughly two-year intervals.

Unless otherwise stated, titles can be purchased online through our distributor or direct from the Institute of Modern Languages Research, University of London, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU. Orders, which may be placed by post, facsimile or email, will be acknowledged by the issue of a proforma invoice for the amount due. Titles are depatched on receipt of payment.


Volume Description
2011 The Making of a Refugee Scientist by Heinz Wolff
9780854572359 [vi, 22pp; 2013]
2013 'The Hitler Emigrés' Revisited by Daniel Snowman
9780854572380 [viii, 20pp; 2013]
2015 My Family in Exile by Dame Stephanie Shirley
9780854572441 [viii, 20pp; 2015]
2016 The Personal Impact of Nazi Persecution: Experiences and Life Stories by Mary Fulbrook
9780854572649 [viii, 32pp; 2017]
2018 The Great Transformation. The Contribution of German-Jewish Exiles to British Culture by Jeremy Adler
9780854572694 [viii, 32pp; 2019]