Other Institute Publications

Unless otherwise stated, titles can be purchased online through our distributor or direct from the Institute of Modern Languages Research, University of London, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU. Orders, which may be placed by post, facsimile or email, will be acknowledged by the issue of a pro forma invoice for the amount due. Volumes are despatched on settlement of invoice.  

Anglo-German Affinities and Antipathies ed. Rüdiger Görner
9780854572083 [132pp; 2004]
Uncanny Similitudes. British Writers on German Literature ed. Rüdiger Görner
9780854572007 [71pp; 2002]
The Anatomist of Melancholy. Essays in Memory of W.G. Sebald ed. Rüdiger Görner
9780854572052 [93pp; 2003]
Stendhal et la Hollande by Elaine Williamson
9781899042050 [lxxii, 595pp; 1996]
4 Carnets by Joseph Joubert ed. David Kinloch; Philippe Mangeot
9781899042043 [207pp; 1996]
Jane Osborn by Léonie d’Aunet ed. Wendy Mercer
(13530410) [xxxii, 87pp; 1994]
L’Histoire d’Hypolite, Comte de Duglas by Madame d’Aulnoy ed. Shirley Jones Day
9781899042005 [lx, 173pp; 1994]
Che le Donne siano della Spezie degli Uomini by Arcangela Tarabotti ed. Letizia Panizza
9781899042029 [xxxviii, 101pp; 1994]
Les Amours by Étienne Jodelle ed. Richard Griffiths
9781899042036 [xxxvii, 130pp; 1994]
Homunculus in the Age of Simulation by Rüdiger Görner
9780854571932 [30pp; 1999]
Glanz und Abglanz: Two Centuries of German Studies in the University of London by John L. Flood and Anne Simon
9780854572632 [xiv; 2017]