Studies in Contemporary Women's Writing

The series, Studies in Contemporary Women's Writing, published by Peter Lang, is closely linked to the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Women's Writing at the Institute of Modern Languages Research. The Centre exists to promote and facilitate national and international research in the wide field of post-1968 writing by women in and beyond its core languages of French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish (including Catalan and Galician).

The series supports the Centre's work by publishing high-quality research on recent trends, issues and themes in women's writing, making connections between literature and women's lives, experiences and perspectives in the socio-political world. Studies in Contemporary Women's Writing also seeks to raise the profile of new or neglected authors and texts, as well as to expand understanding of the work of established authors.


  1. Experiment and Experience: Women's Writing in France 2000-2010
    ed. Gill Rye and Amaleena Damlé
    ISBN 9783034308854 [pb] • 243pp; 2013
  2. Representing Repulsion: The Aesthetics of Disgust in Contemporary Women's Writing in French and German
    by Katie Jones
    ISBN 9783034308625 [pb] • 286pp; 2013
  3. Voicing Voluntary Childlessness
    by Natalie Edwards
    ISBN 9783035397758 [pb] • viii; 212pp; 2016
  4. Strange Adventures: Women's Individuation in the Works of Pierette Fleutiaux
    by Elizabeth Sercombe
    ISBN 9783035399110 • x, 393pp; 2016
  5. Nina Bouraoui. Autofiction and the Search for Selfhood
    by Rosie MacLachlan
    ISBN 9783034318471 • viii, 174pp; 2016
  6. Starvation, Food Obsession and Identity. Eating Disorders in Contemporary Women's Writing
    ed . Petra M. Bagley, Francesca Calamita and Kathryn Robson
    ISBN 9783034322003 • xii, 292pp; 2018
  7. Writing for Freedom. Body, Identity and Power in Goliarda Sapienza's Narrative
    by Alberica Bazzoni
    ISBN 9783034322423 • xii, 324pp; 2018

8    Feminism, Writing and the Media in Spain: Ana María Matute, Rosa Montero and Lucía Etxebarria
      by Mazal Oaknín
      ISBN 9781787077911 • xiv, 212pp; 2019

9    Women Writing War: The Life-writing of the Algerian «moudjahidate»
      by Caroline W. Kelley
      ISBN 9781787077881 • xiv, 174pp; 2020

10  Mothers Voicing Mothering? The Representation of Motherhood in the Novels and 
      Short Stories of Marie NDiaye

      by Pauline Eaton
      ISBN 9781800792227 • xii, 260pp; 2021

11  Reimaging the Family: Lesbian Mothering in Contemporary French Literature
      by Robert Payne 
      ISBN 9781788747714 • viii, 214pp; 2021