Carlos Piccone Camere
Beyond the Bulls: The Life and Afterlives of St Francisco Solano. Unravelling the First Canonisation Process in the New World and its Unpredictable Fade into Oblivion

Virginia Ghelarducci
The Genesis of Natural History and Ethnology in Colonial Peru

Mario Graña
Nueva Toledo on Display: The Politics, Theatre and Paperwork of Making War on the Chiriguanaes through the Punitive Expeditions of Almendras, Toledo and Lozano Machuca (1564-1586)

Emanuel Kingsley
From Old City to Colonial Zone: The Thematized Reinvention of Santo Domingo's Historic City Centre, 1930-1992

Marília Arantes Silva Moreira
Antione Rene Larcher's 'Project of Expedition to Salvador (Brazil) 1797' and the Global Competition for the South Atlantic

Tatiana Suarez
Life after Insurgency: The Reincorporation of Excombatants in Colombia after the 2016 Peace Agreement


Haiyun Liu