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Memory and Postcolonial Studies Now Available

Thursday 30 May 2019
In the postcolonial reassessment of history, the themes of colonialism, decolonisation and individual and collective memory have always been intertwined, but only recently has the transcultural turn in memory studies enabled proper dialogue between memory studies and postcolonial studies.

Borderlands of Memory

Thursday 17 January 2019
Volume 11 in the series 'Cultural Memories' has just been published. 

Excavating Buried Memories in the Railways beneath London and Berlin

Friday 6 July 2018
Networked Remembrance is the first book to explore questions of urban memory within what are some of the most commonly experienced subterranean margins of the contemporary city: underground railways. Using London’s and Berlin’s underground railways as comparative case studies, this book reveals how social memories are spatially produced – through practices of cartography and toponymy, memory work and memorialization, exploration and artistic appropriation – within the everyday and concealed places associated with these transport networks.

Winner of 2019 Luisa Selis Visiting Fellowship Announced

Thursday 21 June 2018
The IMLR and Istituto Italiano di Cultura Londra  (IIC) have pleasure in announcing the winner of the 2019 Luisa Selis Fellowship competition. Dr Sara Delmedico (Cambridge), whose topic of research is ‘Being a Woman in 19 th -Century Sardinia. Love, Seduction and Reputation in the Law in Action’ will spend April, May and June 2019 at the Centre for the Study of Cultural Memory  at the Institute of Modern Languages Research, and at the  Istituto Italiano di Cultura Londra  (IIC).

Landscapes of Memory

Friday 1 December 2017
Landscapes of Memory: Trauma, Space, History is now available. Since Auschwitz, and more and more frequently today, places that were theatres of mass suffering and other atrocities are becoming common features of our cultural landscape. What should we do with these places? Keep them as they were, to remind us of what actually took place there, as ideal museums of past evils? Or should we transform them and, if so, into which forms and according to which principles? Which pasts do these places transmit, and how?

Memories of the Future

Wednesday 5 July 2017
What is a memory of the future? Is it a myth, a fiction of a severed arm, a post-human debate or a broken time machine? In an increasingly insecure future-world there is an urgency to consider and debate these questions. Memories of the Future: On Countervision, edited by Stephen Wilson and Deborah Jaffé ,  addresses these concerns by speculating on the connections between memory and futurity in fields such as counter-histories, women’s studies, science fiction, art and design, technology, philosophy and politics.

2018 Luisa Selis Fellowship Winner Announced

Thursday 4 May 2017
Gianmarco Mancosu has been awarded the 2018 Luisa Selis Fellowship. Funded by the Fondazione di Sardegna in memory of anthropologist Luisa Selis, who specialised in the cultural memory of Sardinia, the Fellowship, established last year, enables researchers in this field (ethnography, anthropology and/or literature for example) to conduct research at the  Centre for the Study of Cultural Memory  at the  Institute of Modern Languages Research  and the  Istituto Italiano di Cultura Londra  (IIC).

Commemorating Conflict

Thursday 1 December 2016
One of Europe’s youngest nations and the most recent member-state of the European Union, Croatia, forged its national identity in the so-called Homeland War, the bloody civil conflict that raged between 1991 and 1995 and ultimately led to independence from Yugoslavia. Since then, a culture of war commemoration has emerged that continues to shape and define contemporary Croatia.