Internment and the Berger Family

Miller Archivist Clare George looks at what the archive of Austrian refugee artist Margarete Berger-Hamerschlag tells us about the impact on the family of the internment of her husband, Josef Berger.

Stories from the Exile Archives: Paul Bondy in Internment

To commemorate the 80th anniversary of the mass internment of refugees from Nazi Germany by the British government in May and June 1940, some of the stories of internment will be highlighted over the next few weeks, starting with that of Paul Bondy.

Stories from the Exile Archives: German-Czech Refugee Herbert Löwit Remembered on VE Day

To mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day, this story from the archives highlights the young Czech-German refugee Herbert Löwit, and his role in the surrender of power to the Allied Forces at the end of the Siege of Dunkirk in May 1945.

‘What are you Reading?’ Doreen Warriner’s War

As so many women, including nurses and other ‘front-line’ staff currently combatting Covid-19 have suddenly become acknowledged heroes, Jana Buresova considers the contribution of another hitherto unsung hero.

The Clothes on our Backs

Anna Nyburg introduces her latest book and reveals how Jewish refugees brought design to the British clothing industry.

The Challenges of Performing Austrian Refugee Theatre 80 Years On: Hugo Königsgarten’s ‘Die Rückkehr'

Archivist Clare George introduces the Making Theatre in Exile project.

Bringing Archives to Life for the Being Human Festival

Clare George introduces the Laterndl, providing the background behind the Making Theatre in Exile project.

From Refugee to UK Citizen

Jana Buresova talks about women refugees from former Czechoslovakia to the UK, from 1938 onwards.

The Library of Poet and Professor, Friedrich Gundolf

Jillian Saucier introduces the Friedrich Gundolf Library.

‘Damals, dann und danach’: Barbara Honigmann at 70

Margaret May writes about the symposium and the reading by the author at the Institute on 25 February 2019.

The Kindertransport: A Home Lost, a New Life Found?

Margaret May talks about the event held at the Institute on 24 November 2017.