A small cluster of articles drawn from the third workshop of the Motherhood in Post-1968 European Literature Network – Changing Models of Motherhood – is published in the online, peer-reviewed journal, Studies in the Maternal 5.2 (2013).

The cluster comprises: Browne, Victoria: ‘Oedipus Interrupted: Introduction to a special cluster on “Changing Models of Motherhood”’; Lee Six, Abigail: ‘Changing Models of Motherhood? Hideous Progeny and Mother-Blame in Ana García-Siñeriz, Esas mujeres rubias (2011) [Those Blonde Women]’; Carlshamre, Katarina, ‘Helper and Obstacle: The Image of the Father in Four Swedish Mother-Narrated Novels of the Early 21st Century: Myrén, Nordin, Sandberg and Sveland’. Also, appearing in the same issue is Cain, Ruth: ‘“This growing genetic disaster”: Obesogenic Mothers, the Obesity “Epidemic” and the Persistence of Eugenics’, based on her paper presented at the Network’s conference in October 2013.

A special section of Women’s Studies International Forum 52 (September-October 2015) has been published, entitled ‘Mothering and Migration: Interdisciplinary Dialogues, European Perspectives and International Contexts’, edited by Anastasia Christou (Middlesex),  Adalgisa Giorgio (Bath) and Gill Rye (IMLR).  The contributions are partly drawn from the fourth workshop of the Motherhood in post-1968 European Literature Network on ‘Mothering and Migration’, held on 26 April 2013.

Contents: Anastasia Christou, Adalgisa Giorgio and Gill Rye: 'Mothering and Migration: Interdisciplinary Dialogues, European Perspectives and International Contexts. Introduction' (pp. 49-52); Adalgisa Giorgio: 'The Italian Family, Motherhood and Italianness in New Zealand: The Case of the Italian Community of Wellington' (pp. 53-62); Elizabeth Pilar Challinor: 'In Dialogue with Self and the World: Cape Verdean Migrant Pregnancy in Portugal' (pp. 63-70); Anastasia Christou and Domna Michail: 'Migrating Motherhood and Gendering Exile: Eastern European Women Narrate Migrancy and Homing' (pp. 71-81); Eglė Kačkutė: 'Mothering in a Foreign Language: Silent and/or Multilingual Mothers in Dalia Staponkutė's The Silence of the Mothers' (pp. 82-91); Ana Souza: 'Motherhood in Migration: A Focus on Family Language Planning' (pp. 92-98); Letizia Mencarini: 'Afterword: A Demographic Perspective' (pp. 99-100).

A special issue of Religion and Gender 6.1 (2016) has been published, entitled Motherhood, Religions and Spirituality, edited by Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor (Coventry) and Gill Rye (IMLR). The contents are partly drawn from the fifth workshop of the funded 'Motherhood in post-1968 European Literature' Network on 'Motherhood, Religions and Spirituality', held on 28 June 2013. The Contents are available on open-access at

Contents: Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor and Gill Rye, ‘Introduction: Motherhood, Religions and Spirituality’ (1-8); Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor, ‘Motherhood as Constructed by Us: Muslim Women’s Negotiations from a Space That Is Their Own’ (9-28); Pauline Eaton, ‘Rosie Carpe and the Virgin Mary: Modelling Modern Motherhood’ (29-46); Sarah-Jane Page, ‘Altruism and Sacrifice: Anglican Priests Managing “Intensive” Priesthood and Motherhood’ (47-63); Dawn Llewellyn, ‘Maternal Silences: Motherhood and Voluntary Childlessness in Contemporary Christianity’ (64-79); Angela Davis, ‘“I Want Them to Learn about Israel and the Holidays”: Jewish Israeli Mothers in Early Twenty-First Century Britain’ (80-94); Anna Fedele, ‘“Holistic Mothers” or “Bad Mothers”? Challenging Biomedical Models of the Body in Portugal’ (95-111); Rachel Jones (Afterword), ‘Giving Voice: The Contested Sites of Motherhood, Religion and Spirituality’ (112-117).

A special section, entitled Mothering and Work in Italy in the Twenty-First Century: Culture and Society, edited by Adalgisa Giorgio (Bath), has been published in the Journal of Romance Studies 15.3 (2016). The contents are partly drawn from the second workshop of the AHRC-funded 'Motherhood in post-1968 European Literature' Network on 'Mothering and Work: Employment Trends and Rights', held on 26 October 2012.

Contents: Adalgisa Giorgio, ‘Motherhood and Work in Italy: A Socio-Cultural Perspective’, pp. 1-21; Carmen Covito, ‘Tempo parziale’ (short story), pp. 22-26; Carmen Covito, ‘Part Time’, trans. Adalgisa Giorgio and Gill Rye, pp. 27-32; Monica Jansen, ‘Carmen Covito’s ‘Tempo parziale’: Mothering and Work in Italy in a Nutshell’, pp. 33-48; Sonia Bertolini, Rosy Musumeci, Manuela Naldini and Paola Maria Torrioni, ‘Working Women in Transition to Motherhood in Italy’, pp. 49-70.